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Newman Funeral Services NFS vision is “Serving the Pilbara” with professionalism, compassion, empathy and cultural sensitivity during this time of need.

About Funeral Directors John and Angela Wilmot:

John is an ordained Reverend of nearly two decades. Angela has a range of qualifications in areas including Ministry Counselling. Through this role John has been officiating weddings, baby dedications and funerals for many years. Counselling support is any area they have also had extensive experience in. Their experience has also seen them involved in all aspects of life including funerals, in rural Malawi Africa where they served for a decade (1999-2009). John and Angela moved to the Pilbara in 2010 and call it home.

Beyond the funeral service, John and Angela work in faith based community development across the East Pilbara. Their passion is to ‘do life’ with the Martu communities.

For more information please visit the Blue Sky Pilbara website.

Funeral Directors John and Angela Wilmot